Dirty German 50K: Some Statistics

As I am closing in on a personal running milestone, I thought I’d do so research on what other runners are doing out there.  Here’s what I found:

Number of miles in a marathon:  26.2
Number of miles in a 50K:  31.07
Number of miles in an Iron Distance Triathlon:  140.6
Percent of US population that has run a marathon:  0.5%
Total number of people who finish a marathon annually:  581, 811
Total number of US marathons held annually:  570
Average number of sneakers needed to train for a marathon: 2
Average number of calories burned by a woman running a marathon:  2,880
Average number of miles per week for marathon training: 40
Percentage of Ultra finishes that are 50k, 50M, 100k, or other:  92%
Percentage of Ultra finishes that are 100 miles: 8%
Female marathon participants:  38%
Percentage of women marathoners in my age bracket:  11%
Percentage of women at 100 mile races: 26%
Oprah time:  4:29
Number of weeks Runner’s World says you should wait between running marathons:  8-12 (6 if you’re in shape)
Percentage of marathoners who make Boston Qualifying time: 12%
Marathon’s Woman Villain: Rosy Ruiz
Marathon’s Woman Hero:  Kathrine Switzer
Number of cups of water drank at US marathons: 2,340,000
Average number of starters that actually finish an ultra:  62%
Percentage of runners who will pick up one of these running injuries (IT Band Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints-(I’ve had all three): 70
Running 100 miles is like:
Mowing a lawn for 31 hours
Playing 24 hours of competitive basketball
Completing 3.4 Olympic Triathlons
Running around a track 400 times
Burning the same number of calories as eating 51 donuts
Largest US Marathons (I haven’t done any of them)
INC NY City Marathon
Bank of America Chicago
Marine Corp, DC
Honolulu Marathon
Disney Marathon, Fl
10 Largest Marathons account for this percentage of total marathon finishers:  43%
And, finally, here are some personal statistics I’ve discovered:
Most overused phrase used when a runner is going to quit:  Where’s the aid station?
Most overused phrase I hear about ultra-running:  “I don’t like to drive that far”
Days it takes me to be able to walk down a flight of stairs after racing, :  24 hours for every 25 miles
Number of times I’m called crazy:  2-3 times per week
Percentage of time I take it as a complement: 99%


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