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Stone Mill 50 Miler

Oil Creek.It all seems to start and end with Oil Creek.This year, I ran the 50k.As always, the trail was rugged, I had a blast hanging out with friends.I got to pace two runners to their first 100-miler finish.I could have done without the bear encounter, but I digress. Finishing the 50k felt empty.I needed it to collect all four buckles, but I crossed the line with more in the tank, and sort of a “now what?” type of feeling. My personal tradition is to take a break after Oil Creek.No running.Nothing.Nada.Normally, I enjoy the first few days, and then I get the itch again. This year was bad.I didn’t feel like I earned the break.There is a lull in the racing calendar from Oil Creek until the Beast in January.There is nothing locally, if I wanted to run, I’d have to travel.And, here I was with a travel certificate just I was just itching to use. It finally dawned on me why I was so desperate for a race.This past summer, I was in a position that not racing anymore was an option.I finished up…