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Fate, Faith, and a Well Worn Pair of Shoes

Forgive me.   Brooks and I are still working out our privacy concerns, but this blog just needed to come out.   It is my intention that after you have read it, that you understand my exception to my "last" blog post.

God is present in my life.  I pray...never for things, but always for strength.  No matter how late I am running, my first thought each day is always to pray: "Please Lord, give me the strength and courage to do what needs to be done today.  Please guide me and keep me from screwing up your plan".

My prayer is obvious of two things.  One:  It's my own vernacular.  Two:  I believe in fate.

I believe that there is a plan for each of us.  Over and over again, my life has been blessed with serendipitous moments that can not be explained by randomness.  These are intentional blessings sent to us to teach us and prepare us.  The universe gives us hints that we are being guided.  A chance meeting of a friend after years absence; seeing that mother with…

Transformation: A Life Regained

I write this blog for Brooks.  Recently, they asked me to make it more public to increase my readership from my current several hundred hits per post.  I'm not sure yet, how I feel about that.  As such, this may be my last blog. I'll have to run on it.

However, I am comfortable with this entry, as it is not about running....mountain stuff....or any of the other "crazy" things that I do.  This post is about Mark and the amazing transformation he has completed.

We have always wanted to go to Chicago.  I pushed the envelope again.  I told him I signed up for a race and had already booked my airfare.  I then told him that there is a body building competition that has a "transformation" division that same weekend.  I planted the seed and relentlessly harvested it.   From the first week I met him, he has wanted to enter such a contest, but there was always an excuse. (more on that later).  Mark…