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Running With My Son...

Washington DC Rock and Roll Half Marathon
When I left work on Thursday, I told my co-teacher, that he was going to have to live without me for a day.  It went something like this:
Co-teacher:  What are you up to now?! E:   Off to DC to run a half marathon with my son and his friend. Co-teacher:  Do you ever get tired of inspiring people? E:  You know that’s not why I do this.  I just want the memory with my son. Co-teacher:  I’m pretty sure that you are going to do both.
But, memory building truly was what I was seeking.  Noah is not ready to leave the nest, but with only two years left of high school, I can certainly see the outline of his flight pattern. 
I had planned this trip months ago, with the idea that my kid would run his first marathon, with mom by his side as coach, cheerleader, and crew.  A few weeks ago, Noah approached me, worried.  With hockey up to six days a week, tennis, and a full load as an honor student, there just wasn’t time to train for a marathon.  He was anxious wi…