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Imma Do Me

It’s funny where my brain takes me on these long runs.  I could be battling extreme darkness, strange creatures on the trail, lack of ability to drown out the varied noises around me, punishing rain, exhaustion, and those little gravel stones that for the life of me, I could not keep out of my shoes...but I thought of a student.
When I first met this child, my teacher brain told me that this was one who was going to generate a lot of phone calls, meetings, behavior plans and tests of patience.   This child would just glare at me and refuse to participate. Finally, perhaps to save my own sanity, I grabbed some marking tape and mapped out a square around his desk.  “Two rules”, I said. “You don’t get to bother anyone else and you don’t get to use electronics. All else is fair game”
“Imma do me” was his response.
“Good”.  I said “Imma do me, too”
He challenged it.  He would try to draw me off task with poor choices.  “Imma do me” I told myself. He watched my every move, but looked at…