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Oil Creek

It’s the big one for me.  It’s the toughest race I do, and I’ve been at the starting line for every event.  The problem is, I’ve not always found the finish line.  I’ve DNF’ed twice on the course, at the 100k (bears psyched me out) and the 100 miler (I took a beating and couldn’t find a way to recover).  According to my friend Nick, it's my unicorn.
I’ve spent the last year, focused on getting this job done.I worked my butt off with relentless training.Yes, by building physical strength, but more importantly by building my mental toughness.
Mark tells me that he knew I turned a corner one day, when I told him I no longer cared if I finished or not.Oh, I WANTED a finish, but I wasn’t going to let a non-finish define me.I knew I had trained as hard as I possibly could, and if I ddin’t find the finish line, it would be because of something very far out of my control.He told me that my taper was the most serine he has seen so far.That’s saying something…
On race morning, I was ready…