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Eva's Husband

125 miles…that’s about two hours on the interstate.Enough time to listen to “Exile on Main Street” by the Rolling Stones and “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd in their entirety with a few minutes to spare.On a bright and blistering 85-degree day, the Beast called from the banks of the Erie Canal in Lockport, dangling a challenging distance that I had never personally attempted before, much less accomplished. It was the 10th annual “Running of the Beasts” complete with a running costumed bull, sombreros and red kerchiefs in the swag bags.
With my drop bag ready and a new pair of Brooks’ Transcends on the dogs, I ventured out the door at 7 AM.
I first met Denise in the registration line …a woman whom I was told was running the same distance as me; she would help me out and have my back today.If I didn’t know how to pace myself, hydrate properly or ready the nutrition for the day, Denise was the “man.” (thanks Eva).   Andy was a legend who lived up to his status.His calm, informal, …