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Dirty German 50K: Some Statistics

As I am closing in on a personal running milestone, I thought I’d do so research on what other runners are doing out there.  Here’s what I found:

Number of miles in a marathon:  26.2 Number of miles in a 50K:  31.07 Number of miles in an Iron Distance Triathlon:  140.6 Percent of US population that has run a marathon:  0.5% Total number of people who finish a marathon annually:  581, 811 Total number of US marathons held annually:  570 Average number of sneakers needed to train for a marathon: 2 Average number of calories burned by a woman running a marathon:  2,880 Average number of miles per week for marathon training: 40 Percentage of Ultra finishes that are 50k, 50M, 100k, or other:  92% Percentage of Ultra finishes that are 100 miles: 8%
Female marathon participants:  38% Percentage of women marathoners in my age bracket:  11% Percentage of women at 100 mile races: 26% Oprah time:  4:29 Number of weeks Runner’s World says you should wait between running marathons:  8-12 (6 if you’re in shape) Pe…
I have this hat.  It was one of the first things I ever received from Brooks.  And, it says “Run Happy”. It’s in rough shape, since I’ve worn it to almost every marathon I’ve ever run.  

It won’t be long for this world, but, as I put it on this morning, I thought about just how important “running happy” has been for me.  Today would be no exception.

Before I left, Nat asked if I’ve run this race before.  I couldn’t remember. We had to go to the wall. “Mom, you’ve ran it TWICE!”.  

“Oh!, Now, I remember.  They had clowns at mile 24.  Who puts CLOWNS at mile 24???”

I shouldn’t have shared that tidbit.  She used it against me when I asked her to join me and run the 5k.

Then she followed with “ Mom, actually, running is not my thing.  How about we take a yoga class from Megan?”

It was similar with Noah: Boy:  “Mom, find me a race”. Me:  I’m all over that.  How about Mississauga?  Net downhill. Gorgeous lake views and it puts us in Canada during hockey playoffs. He was in!  I was pumped! Then …