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Zion: The Second Stone in Our Triple Crown

I remember the first time I felt him kick.  I put my hand to my tummy and had the following conversation:
Me:  Hi baby.   I’m your mommy, and I am so excited to meet you.   But, you know this doesn’t always work out.  So, in order to make this thing work, you and I are going to have to work as a team.   If you promise to grow and enter the world alive and healthy, I promise to give you a life full of wonderful adventures and memories.   Do we have a deal?
Noah:  kick.
He tried hard to live up to our deal.  He was born early, and so small that my mother was too afraid to hold him.   He didn’t do so well on that healthy thing, for the first few years, but we continued to work as a team, and now that little flutter I felt is 20 years old.
This past weekend, that little kicker and I completed the second rim-to-rim-to rim in our Triple Crown.   We hiked ZIon National Park in Utah.
During our first hike, in the Grand Canyon, I did a lot of teaching.   I had to show him everything from equipment …

Three Days at the Fair---Making Memories

I texted my sister today.   She lost a friend.  She was with him one day, having fun at a concert, and then,  he was gone.   She is crushed.  It is hard for her to make sense of it.  She is simultaneously angry, happy for the time she had with him, shocked, lost, and in some ways, finding the joy.  “At least he had a few months without a car payment”, she said.  

Life is about making memories.

Danielle has a wealth of memories with her friend.  He will not be forgotten.  He will never be replaced, but he will be cherished.

Danielle lives her life making the best memories.   She takes risks.  She is impulsive.   She laughs...hard.   She feels...deeply.  I am inspired by her, and try to live my life in the same way.

This past weekend, was my (last?) annual trip to Augusta, NJ with my buds Ken and JIm.  Every year, we travel and run Three Days at The Fair.   This race is a highlight for me.   Over years, we have set PR’s, crashed and burned, laughed, ate great food, made great friends, and m…