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Have Fun, Dammit-Stone Mill 50 Miler

I had been running for about an hour.It was dark and although the weather report looked good for the day, my fingers were frozen in the pre-dawn cold.I could easily see my breath, but struggled to find the trail.A pet peeve of mine is running in someone else’s headlamp light.It causes me to cast a shadow into my own light and challenges my footing.To compensate, I tend to over think what I can control.I force my thoughts to logistics:How is my pace?Did I select the right shoes?Do I need to adjust the fitting on my gear pack?Happy I thought to eat some avocado the day before.Cautious that I am only recently out of my wrist splint.
Suddenly, I stepped out of my own head.I stopped the endless stream of boxes I was trying to check.Have fun, dammit.It rang loud and clear.Have fun.You love this---let yourself fall in love.Don’t try to stop and analyze it, it won’t make sense.Just feel.Just be.Just do.Just step off the platform and take flight.
I checked back in.The sun was rising over a ca…