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Marshall Mangler 50k

This was not an easy race.  Which is good, I didn’t want it to be.  I truly felt blessed to be ABLE to run this race.  To know that even though it would be hard, I would get to the finish line.  I knew that there was a good chance I’d come home bruised, dirty, or cold, and I did—all three.
I count my blessings, because today, I ran for my mother-in-law, Thelma (Thel). Heaven only knows if she has weeks, days, or just hours left, but Thel’s ticket to heaven has been purchased…we are just awaiting the departure date.
This beautiful woman was once a power walker.It was not uncommon to see her around her neighborhood or along the path at Niawanda Park.She was active until she couldn’t be.
Advanced dementia is a horrible disease.Thel’s conversation skills during the past few years are akin to one of those amusement park rides.You know, the kind where you sit in a cart on a track.The cart passes a switch that activates something in the ride.When Thel would see me, she would ALWAYS ask me the f…

You Can Take the Girl out of the Trail….

I spent most of 2013 on the roads, prepping for the Double Buckle.  I assumed the training would do double duty and prep me for Oil Creek 100.  In some ways, it did.  I was mentally able to take on the challenge.  I knew what I would face.  I knew how to prepare and to execute.  What I didn’t know was how to beat that damned clock.
I just didn’t train the trails enough.It bit me HARD at Oil Creek.I needed it to.
Enter, Mendon Pond 50k.It was my first race back on the trail since OC, and I was determined to nail it.As is custom, I somehow annoyed Mother Nature and she decided to play with her weather machine.We had a windstorm the day before with 60 mph gusts.It was cold, and it was predicted to rain—hard.AWESOME!!!!If I was going to prove myself, I wanted something to work with.Thanks Mom!
This is a small race.Not long after I got my registration materials, my phone rang.My buddy Jim was looking for me!After a bear hug, he introduced me to his friend, who was attempting her first ultra.…