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Setting an Intention...On a Fat Ass

Fat Ass racing is fun.   They don’t usually cost much, if this case, $15 and a jug of water.  The return, however, is priceless. A day spent on a fabulously muddy trail, with wildflowers, warm air (I wore SHORTS!!), and fantastic views.   Just what a soul needs to smile!

I’ve been working on getting my 200- hour yoga certification.  It’s been a process that started in my head when I began Cross Country coaching.   Taking that job opened up avenues that, I was unaware existed. Although I have been a personal trainer, who refuses to accept payment, for several years; I did not fully embrace my ability to be of service to others, or for that matter, fully benefiting from the service of others.  

I start every yoga class I teach by asking my students to set an intention for their practice.   I will not guide or alter these intentions, I only ask two things: They are present tense. When I challenge them, I want them to mentally refer back to that  intention.

Last week, I was ho…

Into the Darkness

In 2019, my self-wish is to take my running somewhere different.  I thrive on challenges and making memories. I want to get dirty.  I want to get uncomfortable. I want to walk funny for days after. I want to hurt, and know that I’ll survive.   Screw playing it safe. I want to set myself up to fail, and see where that happens. I want to succeed, and see where it went well.   I vow that I will not give the end more power, than the start and middle of a race.

And, so I began, with some back to back 50’s.

The 50/50, was light and bright.   The mood was carefree and there was no doubt at the start, that I would find the finish.  It was utterly unmemorable, but gave me nice tired legs to work with.

Fast forward to the Greenbrier 50 miler.   Not only right after the 50k, but run directly after 10 hours of yoga training.  

Heres, the twist….the race started at midnight.  (Rog, I finally did one of these!!!!). I literally only got to the park about an hour before the start.  The race and…