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2012 Race Calendar

2012 Race Calendar (God Willing)
Beast of Burden 50 Miler                         January 21, 2012 This race was originally a 24-hour race where I hoped to run 75 miles.  Alas, that distance was dropped.  No worries, this will be a great ‘tune-up’ race.  From the race director, to fellow runners to volunteers and timers, this race has an amazing family feel.  The blizzards and windstorms of the past two years only add to the camaraderie.                        North Coast Endurance 24 Hour             May 5-6, 2012 This is my major training race.  It is a .9 mile course that I will run around for up to 24 hours.  My goal is 75 miles, which will send me around that track 84 times!
Sehgahunda Trail Marathon                    May 26, 2012 Although I’m not a huge fan of the marathon distance, this race is a muddy, dirty, messy trail run.  Its like the race director is flirting with me ;)
Buffalo Marathon                                       May 27, 2012 This is the race I am LEAST looking forw…