2012 Race Calendar

2012 Race Calendar (God Willing)

Beast of Burden 50 Miler                         January 21, 2012           
This race was originally a 24-hour race where I hoped to run 75 miles.  Alas, that distance was dropped.  No worries, this will be a great ‘tune-up’ race.  From the race director, to fellow runners to volunteers and timers, this race has an amazing family feel.  The blizzards and windstorms of the past two years only add to the camaraderie.                       
North Coast Endurance 24 Hour             May 5-6, 2012
This is my major training race.  It is a .9 mile course that I will run around for up to 24 hours.  My goal is 75 miles, which will send me around that track 84 times!

Sehgahunda Trail Marathon                    May 26, 2012
Although I’m not a huge fan of the marathon distance, this race is a muddy, dirty, messy trail run.  Its like the race director is flirting with me ;)

Buffalo Marathon                                       May 27, 2012
This is the race I am LEAST looking forward to.  I don’t like the course or the race in general.  BUT, by running two marathons in two days, I’ll move up a level in the Marathon Maniacs.  If anyone needs a slow pacer, let me know, as I don’t give a damn what my time will be in this race.

Spartan Race                                               June 24, 2012
Time for Noah and I to play in the mud!  I am so looking forward to the unknown obstacles that this race will throw at my cub and I.  That boy’s sense of adventure is addicting!           

Finger Lake 50k                                         June 30, 2012
I hadn't planned on this race, but an e-vite from my friend/race director changed my mind.  I so admire this woman's determination, that I'm looking forward to seeing what she does when she's in charge.  I'm sure it will be amazing and top notch!  I'll hit the 50k instead of the 50 miler because I don't want to have to chase cut-off times on an unknown trail before my next big race.  Also, it will be a great way to celebrate the finish of another school year.

Dirty Girl 48 Hour Run                             August 10-12, 2012
This is my “A” race.  With the very generous time frame, I hope to finish my first 100-mile race.  Mark and the kids have already committed to crew/pace as needed, and I may even be able to talk a cousin or two to race part of it with me.  This race scares the beejeebers out of me, but I’m ready to face my fears and see how far I can go.  I may not finish 100 miles, but I’m going to start it and throw everything I’ve got at it. 

Beast of Burden                                          August 18-19, 2012
If things don’t go so well at the Dirty Girl the week before, you’ll see me at the starting line for certain.  Otherwise, I intend to volunteer and give back to the race that has given so much to me.

Fall Race
Depending on the date of Oil Creek, I’ll either run Virgil Crest 50 miler or the Corning Marathon.  I’m leaning towards Virgil.  Either way I need a race to help me get ready for Oil Creek.

Oil Creek 100k                                           Date TBA
This race has given me blisters, bruises, brush-burns and bears encounters.  It’s got hills, mud, and rocks.  And, I can’t imagine a racing season without it.

Mendon Pond 50K                                     Date TBA
A fun little race, that is right around my birthday.   That’s a no-brainer.

Turkey Trot                                                Thanksgiving Day
My goal is to add Natalie to “Team Basehart’s” roster.  With ‘Girls on the Run’, she will have completed at least 2 more 5k’s by then.


  1. great planning! you make me look normal ... they don't think i'm right at work when i have my time-off requests done for the entire year already - all planned around races! glad you will be joining us at FL50s ... hope you're coming up on friday. friday night at the campground is a great party! see you in a couple of weeks ... keep your fingers crossed for snow and COLD!


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