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Running A Mile In My Shoes: 3 Days at the Fair

They say you don’t know a person until you run a mile in his shoes.I’m not sure about that, but I do know about running a mile over and over again for 6-12-24-48 or 72 hours.Three Days at the Fair is a timed race around a 1-mile course.To date, I have run this mile 466 times, including 115 this past weekend.I have it memorized. It may sound monotonous, but there is comfort in knowing the tail.  Let me take you on a trip around the mile.

Start/Finish-This is the happiest place on the course.It features the one aid station.They are known to cook to order and deliver hot food right on to the course.Nothing beats hot chocolate chip cookies at 2 am! The “HILL”-this thing will grown exponentially from barely noticeable, to OMG!Before you tackle the hill, you have the choice of stepping a few feet off course to hit the bathrooms or simply continuing on.

Tent City-Turn right at the hill, take a few steps, turn left for a few more, then one more right.Some of the superstars camp here.

Out and b…

C+O Canal: Just Another Way to Say I Love You

Me:  I love you, Dad. Dad:  What? Am I dying?

In fact, he was.  This was the last thing I said to my dad, and the first time I ever said it to him.  We just didn’t use those words in our house

The first time my mom said it, was on my wedding day.  She was walking away from me, heading out the door.   I knew it was hard for her, and I cherished hearing it.
Once when Danielle (of course Danielle would ask this) asked why, my mom said, “You know you are loved. Why do you need to hear it?”.  

In college we used to say “I ludge you”.  I could do that.  We said it so we didn’t sound gay.  For many of my sorority sisters, there is tremendous irony in that statement.

This weekend, I ran C+O Canal.  I had high hopes for this race, and I trained with a vengeance.  For some reason, I can go pretty fast on that course, and I’ve set two PR’s along that canal.

On the trail, it got pretty “dark” for me.  The rain was relentless, and I could see a time goal slipping away.  I forcefully took control of my …