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This Year, I Turn Left

So, Oil Creek 100 is made up of 3-31 mile loops, followed by an 8-mile, “Coming Home” loop.  Yes…. I’ve done the math.  I know that’s 101 miles.  I try not to think about it.
For each of the first three loops, when you approach a fork in the trail, marked only by two humble signs, you turn to the right.However, should you reach that glorious Coming Home loop, you get to turn to the left.Rog has asked me to have someone with me when I do that loop, as it contains a hill that is quite sadistic.  It is called, "The Hill of Truth".   I’ve trained on the loop twice, once with Rog, and once on my own.I understand his concern.
Roger knows how hard I’ve been training.I’m not one to post every workout, but I’ve been putting in the miles.He recently asked me my plan for this year’s race.It is simple and summed up in five words:  This year, I turn left.
That race has defeated me in the past and it had been quite a thorn in my side.I changed my training this year to prepare for it.I’ve…

Go boy, Go!

Time with my son has become a rarity.He’s hardly home, and his priorities, as they should, have switched from family time to his life outside of this house.When the opportunity for Nat to have a weekend sleepover with her bestie, on the same weekend Noah wasn’t overbooked, AND the Finn McCool Obstacle race was running, I could not pass up the true gift of an opportunity.
When we’ve done these types of races before, Noah and I generally keep pace with each other.It was made crystal clear to me, on the first obstacle, that today was going to be very different.The race took place at Kissing Bridge Ski Resort,The first obstacle was a mega slip and slide down the central ski slope.Just as I approached it, Noah purposely clipped my ankle, taking me out, then dove over me.“See ya’ Mom” was all I heard as he took off down the mountain.This was going to be HIS race.Go boy, go!
That’s the last I saw of Noah until I tumbled through the mud pit and saw his smiling face.“Mom, I took first place i…