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Sometimes, the Race is a Suckfest: Rock and Roll Marathon, Washington DC

Sometimes, you start in an elite corral, after representing your shoe company.   

Sometimes, you start off strong, and something keeps you from doing what you love.

Sometimes, you get passed by pace bunny, after pace bunny.

Sometimes, you use all of your tricks, but none of them work.

Sometimes, you spend 20+ miles, trying to work through the pain.

Sometimes, you just want to stop, but know you'll feel worse if you do.

Sometimes, things go bad in front of A LOT of spectators.

Sometimes, spectators say exactly the wrong thing.

Sometimes, you just have to grit your teeth, and push.

Sometimes, you have to accept that finishing is winning.

Sometimes, you have to step back, so you can move forward.

Sometimes, you have to look for what the experience is teaching you.
Sometimes, it’s okay for it to suck.