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I Run Like a Girl----Try to Keep Up

It’s called getting “chicked”, and some guys really don’t like it.   What it means is that during your race, be it running, biking or swimming, a woman breaks evolutionary law and passes a man. 
Sounds innocent enough, doesn’t it?  Let me tell you from experience, some men find this extremely distasteful, and have no qualms of letting their unhappiness be shown.  Apparently, the insult is even greater if the woman is wearing a ponytail, a skirt, or the color pink.
I’ve been thrown elbows, drafted, trash talked, and otherwise nudged by my disgruntled XY counterparts, after I’ve executed a “chicking” pass   I’ve raced some guys down to the finish line only to be told that I’ve had “a good run, for a girl”.  Damn, I must have missed the fine print on those racing applications where it states that I should lighten up my race, so as not to affect a man’s ego.
I remember way back in elementary school when Halifax Town Soccer first started, and my mom signed up my brother and I.  I was the only…