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What the Hell Just Happened? Pine Creek Challenge 100

So, Rog and I got talking about races.Imagine.  "Pine Creek Challenge" he said.  "You’ll PR" he said.  "Grand Canyon of the East" he said.  "Good tune-up for Oil Creek" he said.  "Watch out for snakes" he said.  "Lots of Amish" he said.  "It gets darker than dark" he said.  "Lots of wildlife" he said.  "You’ll love it" he said.Rog----good thing you’re wife is a nurse.
I was a bit rushed to get out of work and drive to the race site.First week of school is always hectic.I spiced things up with a bout of food poisoning.Yuck. I tried unscessfully to defer to the 100k.I was turned down flat.Ok.Time to do what I do.I got up at 4 and headed to the Portal Potty.Saw a bear in the distance.This is off to a great start.  Did I mention this was my 13th 100 miler?  Lucky 13!
The course starts with a 5 mile out and back section that I would complete twice.The first 10 miles were fine.It was nice to see the e…