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Never Alone...

So…I freak out the night before 100 milers.Seriously.Freak.Out.I wander out of conversations mid-sentence.I sweat the small stuff.  I introvert.  I can’t sleep.
Roger usually takes the lion share of my absurdity.The poor man has earned his spot in heaven, simply for dealing with me before races.It started innocently enough when he texted, “you in taper mode?” and I spiraled down from there.
My final message was, “Rog, why don’t these (100’s) get easier?”
His reply: “Easier?I don’t think a 100-miles will ever be easier, even when you drive it”.
I had three goals for this race:
1.It has a challenging hill at mile 99.  I've named it 'Monster'.   I needed to know that I could handle that type of technical climb so late in a race, because Oil Creek offers it’s version called ‘The Hill of Truth’.I’ve only climbed it once, on a training run.It left me doubled over…sucking air.

2.I wanted to set a personal record time.I was on pace to do so at the Winter Beast of Burden and Mother …