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The Beast Bites Back

So, not finishing Oil Creek got to me me.I was determined to run another 100, and fast.However, my choices were somewhat limited, and I kept coming back to the Beast. Although, I did keep looking for ANY other race I could do, asI’d already double buckled in the BoB.
Finally, I decided, what the heck.I needed a race, and here was one right in my own back yard, surrounded by friends and on a known course. It would be nice to knock out an “easy” 100.I didn’t really think through that “easy” part.
The weather looked like it was going to be mild for the race.The polar vortex had past.No major storms were on the horizon.I ran the course the week before with my friend Jim, and besides a bunch of downed trees and their branches, it looked pretty good.I was even cocky enough to say that I didn’t think the weather was going to be a factor in this year’s race.Jim told me I was an idiot and thanked me for jinxing the race for all of the other runners.Then he took me to see the chicken silo.Sometim…