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TARC 50k

It hit me, somewhere between “this sucks” and “who the heck marked this course”.  Somewhere in the midst of my race, it dawned on me that I am soon going to be coaching other people’s races.   The thought energized me. I took each step with a new determination. I thought about how I could use what I was going through to make my team stronger individuals, both in and out of running shoes.

It will be up to me to help them push past obstacles.

It will be my job to show them that it doesn’t matter what Mother Nature throws at them, they can persevere.

It will be my task to shift mindsets from “I can’t” to “I’ll try”.

I thought about how lucky I am to still be a competitive runner (I took 5th place!!!) while simultaneously coaching the up and comers.  

I can share what goes through my mind, and how I have to listen very closely to the quiet positive voices, because sometimes the negative ones are quite loud.

I have a wealth of successful trials and ridiculous errors.

I can help them learn to lo…