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The Kaloshis Family Runners-Mill Pond 5k

I come from a big, close family.  Well, close in feelings, but geographically we are about 500 miles apart.  Thanks to Facebook, we keep in touch on the little tidbits of life. 

It was through Facebook that I started to see several members of my family have started to run/walk to get in shape.  It got my wheels turning, and it gave me what my husband calls my "make shit happen" face. I was going to recruit as many Kaloshi as possible to run their first 5k. 

It started with the normal family stuff:  I will if she will, I don't want to be last, you'll just laugh at me, I really don't run that fast, etc., When all of that settled, I got my SIL Beth, niece Heather, her husband Joe, their baby Logan, my nephew Mike, and my son Noah to toe the line.  My (now 30 pounds lighter) sister Danielle wanted to run, but hurt herself lifting a patient and had to bow out.  At least she wore a Chara shirt to the race as motivation.  Love you Danielle!!!

My brother Rick also conside…

It's "Only" a Marathon

I went to the Dr. office on Monday.  He said the words that I’ve wanted to hear, “yes Eva, you can run”.  He said lots of other words too, but I must admit that I wasn’t nearly as focused on them as I was on my clearance.   Yes, there are more things to do with my “treatment plan” and yes, I’m not fully healed…cartiledge tears take time…but I can resume training.  YES!
Next, I had to decide how much I wanted to push it on Saturday.  It killed me to miss Segahunda after my injury, and I searched the internet  to find another trail marathon.  It was between a race in Philly or Mohican.  I NEEDED to race.   I was willing to travel, and I wanted hills, mud, roots, single track---the whole nine yards.  Rog and I both had a couple DNS's that were bothering us.  We both ultimately decided to run Mohican.  He was doing the 50 miler and me the marathon.
The problem was, he was working his subtle powers of persuasion to get me to join him on the 50M.  I said,”no”, but I was thinking about it…

Some Things Are More Important Than Running….

So, I ended up in the emergency room last week.  One minute I was walking, the next…not so much.  The doctors haven’t shown all of their cards yet, but have issued me a shiny new pair of crutches as my first step in treatment.   Oh yeah, the second step is that term that is like hell on Earth for me….rest.  
I’ve been a good doobie, and have heeded medical advice.  I missed a race I was hoping to tear it up on (and that has a really cute hoodie).  But, that was okay…I was “saving” myself for this weekend when I could run the Finn McCool obstacle course race with my son Noah, and the Girls on the Run 5k with my daughter Natalie.  If I had to hobble, I was going to do it for my kids. 
Last night, I decided Finn was just going to be out of reach for me.  I could probably handle the running, (I’m already finding a way to work that back in) but I was worried about the obstacles and the mud making worse that which is starting to feel better.  The connection I had hoped to make with Noah was…