The Kaloshis Family Runners-Mill Pond 5k

I come from a big, close family.  Well, close in feelings, but geographically we are about 500 miles apart.  Thanks to Facebook, we keep in touch on the little tidbits of life. 

It was through Facebook that I started to see several members of my family have started to run/walk to get in shape.  It got my wheels turning, and it gave me what my husband calls my "make shit happen" face. I was going to recruit as many Kaloshi as possible to run their first 5k. 

It started with the normal family stuff:  I will if she will, I don't want to be last, you'll just laugh at me, I really don't run that fast, etc., When all of that settled, I got my SIL Beth, niece Heather, her husband Joe, their baby Logan, my nephew Mike, and my son Noah to toe the line.  My (now 30 pounds lighter) sister Danielle wanted to run, but hurt herself lifting a patient and had to bow out.  At least she wore a Chara shirt to the race as motivation.  Love you Danielle!!!

My brother Rick also considered running.  However, he looked at me and said, "No Eva, I could never keep up with you, You are in great shape, and I couldn't take losing to you".  However, he actually phrased it as, "I have to put the boats in the water, so we can cruise around all weekend".  Don't worry Rick, as your (almost) Irish twin--I know what you meant!

The race start was a literal family reunion.  We were all giggly, and I was just plain groggy after getting only about 4 hours of sleep.  Beth, when that situation arises again, I designate you to make all decisions for me :)!

I considered running with 18 month old Logan in my arms, but in the end, my competitive spirit won out and I plopped that kid back into his stroller.  I knew after the race, I wouldn't put him down again until he learned to pronounce my name.  I'm happy to report that he ultimately did.  He calls me Eva/Ava.  (Lord, someday please let someone pronounce my name correctly.)

The gun went off and Noah whizzed by me in a blur of Bruin's garb.  Okay kid, you wanna play...let's go.   We started at the Jenny Grist Mill and ran through Morton Park and back.  I kept Noah in my sights for most of the race, but he kicked it at the end and beat me by about a minute.  GREAT work kiddo.

I went back on the course (Noah sat on a hill-spent) and found my nephew, Mike.  I paced him in to the finish.  Okay, I made that kid work HARD.  I taunted and sprinted and he kept up.  That look of sheer pride at the finish was my thank you, and I LOVED it!

Next came Beth, who was so proud of herself that she forgot to look at the clock to see her time.  No worries, she set a personal record and wants to sign up for more races.  Go Girl!

Heather and Joe found the finish next and their smiles were contagious.  Before they finished, I went back on the course once more and kidnapped Logan.  I ran that kid through the finish chute high above my head.  I'm certain he won the 0-2 age group!

It was a fun adventure and I am so glad we did it.  Later that day, they were asking how long a 10k do they find other races...where are results posted...etc.  I couldn't stop smiling!

I don't know if they will register again, or if it was one time fun.  But for that 5k, we were a family of runners.


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