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Hat Run 50K: In Loving Memory of Robert Harris

He knew I could do it before I did.  Back in those days, I was trying to do 40 races by the time I turned 40.  It was his idea that the 40th race would be a marathon. I thought he was nuts.

But, I did it.   He was so proud of me!  He even asked for my sneakers when I finished the race.  “You are something special Base. You know how to turn the power up to 10!  I just want some of the magic you’ve created to rub off on me” I handed them over.

Fast forward a few months, I remember sitting next to him.   We were bickering about where to go to lunch the next day. He wanted Red Robin.   I wanted Banchetti's. Going out to lunch for teachers is a big deal. It doesn’t happen often. Clear as day, I can remember him walking out the door saying, “It doesn’t matter where we eat.  All that matters is who is sitting across from you at the table”. Those were the last words he ever said to me.

His name was Robert Harris and we never made it to lunch.   Robert died that night.

Robert an…

Rock and Roll DC-It's About the Experience

This weekend, I was afforded the luxury of giving back to my sport and sponsor.  Brooks is the title sponsor for the Rock and Roll DC Marathon, and once again, I was invited to represent my niche in the running world.  It is a unique way to see the sport, and an honor for me as an athlete. The DC Marathon is the only road marathon I run.  And, this trail runner is always shocked at the commercialism at these events.  At many of my trail races, perhaps the race director has a box in the corner of last year’s swag.  Maybe they have an online store (Russell-your ears should be ringing).But, at these expos, the commercialism is paramount.  The R&R DC rents out the Armory and every available foot is filled with vendors. Walking through the expo, I will admit that “kid in a candy store” feeling.  You name it, they have it.But, on second pass, you realize that you do not need the majority of stuff they are selling.   (Brooks--this does not apply to you.You have never let me down, and you …