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Dad's Swing and Hashawha Hills 50k

We have this old wooden swing at my parent’s house.  Dad bought it as a Mother’s Day gift.  It is perfectly placed facing Monponsett Pond and provides the ideal vantage point for a spectacular sunset view.   Dad’s handiwork is still evident, with his brick work (so you don’t kill the grass) and homemade arm shelves to hold your snack, or if you are any member of the Kaloshis family except me, your beer.              It is not incredibly comfortable, but once you sit down, you are hard-pressed to find a reason to rise.  I’ve rocked both my babies on that swing, laughed with friends and family and simply let myself become mesmerized by the water.             I also had my last REAL conversation with my dad on that swing.  He had been diagnosed with cancer and knew he was going to die.  We would talk after that conversation, but those talks weren’t really with my dad—just his body and the few scattered memories the cancer let him keep.             He sat me down in his usual manner, “hey k…