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Control the Controllables

Brazos Bend 100      

I have done races where I don’t know a soul.I have done races that I’ve had to travel.I’ve done races that I have forgotten gear.Brazos Bend 100 was a type of Final Exam of Ultra Marathons, encompassing all of these things and more.
I had this travel voucher, and I couldn’t wait to use it.I wanted to find a race with challenges unlike any I’ve faced before.I found it with this race.
My first challenge was what gear to bring.Sorry tackle box, you wont make it on the plane.I got up at 2:30 to sneak in a workout and to pack.I told myself to treat it like an aid station---grab what you need, and if your instincts tell you to take something…listen.That is just what I did.
I arrived in Texas to a sunny 80-degree day and went to pick up my rental car.They issued me a lemon-yellow machineNot really my style, but not really something to make a fuss about either.Okay bumblebee…let’s roll.

I took the bumblebee and drove out to Brazos Bend for the pre-race meeting.I knew th…