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Mt. Washington Road Race---Transitions

So….I work with this guy.He wants to do an Ironman Triathlon.I know if I see him walking down the hallway, he’s going to ask me about it.He comes to my office to ask advice…he has my old bike….he’s researched races…I want to be at his finish line…he wants my help to get ready for the starting line.He swims.He bikes.He runs.He wants it.The thing is, he hasn’t signed up for one.
Last week he asked me, “okay, what’s the hardest part?”.Without blinking, I told him….transition.
In the tri world, it’s referred to T1 and T2.It’s the time between the swim and the bike and the bike and the run, respectively.It’s those few moments when you are not actively racing, but must prepare for the next third of the event.The clock still runs.You are not allowed any outside help.You don’t have time to think about what you’ve done.You must solely focus on what you need to do to carry on.And, then you are off.No turning back.There will be setbacks.I know I will forget something.But, it’s about getting yourse…