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I'm tired...

I’m not only physically, but I’m emotionally tired.  My husband often tells me that I don’t stop moving.  “just sit down”, “enough”,  “dial it back”, “stop”.  But, I don’t.  I’m lost without my to-do lists, my calendars, and my training log.  I have two insanely busy kids, and I’ve been racing my butt off.  I’m tired.  Very, very tired.
On the way to the Segahunda marathon (okay, the sticker says 26.3, so I guess it’s an ultra) I decided that I just didn’t want to run.Not that I didn’t want to run Segahunda, I just plain didn’t want to run.
For me, it’s a very clear sign that I’m over-training.
What got me to the starting line was that I was meeting a bunch of people from work.These are people that I not only see everyday, but who have truly crossed over the line from co-workers to friends.Most were doing the relay, so a half-marathon for each of them.For several, it was their first trail race.
I ran into friends Lisa and Gary before the race.Gary was running, and Lisa was crewing.I…

3 Days at the Fair

Timed races are always interesting.  It’s hard to even call it a race, because you are really not competing against anyone else.  In theory, all you have to do to be a finisher is to start.  Each person has their own goal and can stop when they have reached it.  Placements are made on overall distance, but you can constantly hear people ask “what’s your goal today?”, and encouraging each other to push just a little bit further.
Mother Nature was in a sour mood, AGAIN.All day Friday it rained…hard.It was a sufferfest to push through the wind and sideways rain.It pummeled us from shortly after the start until pre-dawn the next day.It was brutal, punishing, and truly not fun.
It is easy to step off the course and call it a day.Most people don’t.Canadian National records were broken.Many PR’s were set .I watched runner after runner dig deep and do what they had to do to maintain relentless forward progress.
Here’s how it went for a few of my friends:
Jim-If you asked him, he would tell y…