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Drop and Give Me 100: Skydive Ultra

“I don’t like the start.”

“I don’t run well in the heat.”

“My 100’s are over.”

These tapes have been running in my head for a while. They were limiting me. I had to finally say, “Screw those tapes. It’s time for a new recording.”

I decided to challenge each and every one of them, and I signed up for the Skydive Ultra in Clewiston, Florida.

100’s starting lines overwhelm me, so I found a race with a challenging start. I would skydive and hopefully enjoy euphoria, before taking on the race.

Heat is a new health challenge for me. So, I figured running in Florida would be a good idea. I hedged my bets.  I ran in January, when it wouldn’t be so overwhelming, and where I would have a significant amount of nightfall to lessen my direct time in sunlight. I was diligent about medical precautions and running safely.

100’s are a bear. I’ve come to terms that I wont finish every one I start, but, I’m not ready to hang up that distance, and don’t think I will be any time soon.


Phunt-I Learned a Few Things

Sometimes, the race is not the hard part.   Sometimes it’s looking at every thing that may be challenging, and deciding that you’re going to take the risk.   With this race, the hardest part was getting there.   The weather report was looking rough and the course had to be changed last minute because it was not navigable.  I didn’t know if it would be cancelled, without warning, all together.    I was conflicted.   I was feeling like I was setting myself up for a big let down.  I didn’t want to set out only to throw my heart into it, and be disappointed.   Was it safer to just stay put?   How would I feel if I let this opportunity pass?   Would I get what I need out of it?  Would I be able to give it my all?  All questions that raced through my mind, while I looked for a solution.   Finally, I just had to firmly tell myself “Stop!  It’s okay.”  And then,  “Learn to quiet your thoughts”,    It was in that moment of reflection that I realized that I have learned to push my body and I hav…