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Veterans Day 50k. Ramblings From A New Age Group

I’ve come to learn a few things along the way, and recently celebrating a birthday milestone, has given me time to pause, reflect and synthesize some of the things I’ve picked up about myself.  Enjoy

*Some days I can not give 100%, but I will give 100% of what I’ve got, Every.  Single.  Day.

*I am a feeler.  I feel deeply.  I make no apologies.  I may boldly go in the wrong direction, but I’m going there full-force.

*I people watch.  If you are in my inner circle, I will learn you.  I will do what makes you happy.

*I am immensely proud of the amount of life I have put into my life.   I will not stop.

*It all gets done.  Sometimes I don't know how.  Often, I lose sleep, but it all gets done.  

*I have spent 20 years helping students with challenges, accept and find a way through.  I expect no less from myself, with all of life’s hurdles.

*”I’ll handle it”, "I'm on it.", “I got you”, or “I’m here” are my warrior phrases.  If you hear one, step back, I’m going to do what nee…