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Tuesday: I’m not getting sick.I’m not getting sick Wednesday:  Dammit!
It wasn’t a big sick; you should hear the convoluted way I blamed it on the chicken silo.   But, it was a sick that jepordized my ability to make it to the Beast starting line.I didn’t know if I’d be up to running, but promised myself that if I did, I would embrace the opportunity to do what I truly love. 
By Friday, all signs pointed to me making it to the starting line.But, as fate goes, I made it...15 minutes after everyone else had already started.DFL, but grateful to be there.
Locking my keys in the car and the dash to get going threw me a bit off balance.My friend Denise saw my discombobulation and hugged me.  Sometimes all I need is a hug to get back on track.Okay…game on.
I was grateful to be running.I promised myself not to dwell on the obstacles put in front of me.I would “embrace the suck”.It would happen, and I would respond.Bitching about it wouldn’t stop it and would only make it harder to deal with.Ultra-…