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At my school, we’ve started posting teacher’s favorite quotes in the hallway. Most of these, I sort of glaze over, but a couple have caught my eye. One was from a friend of mine. When I first read it, I associated it with my job. It has since taken on a more powerful meaning.

There are different levels of being done. There is done for now. There is done. And, there is what my friend Jim calls FD, which is to be considered absolute done. (I’ll leave to you the definition of that acronym) The trick is to figure out how done you are. Sometimes, that can only be answered in hindsight.

 Theres times when I’m on the trail and I start to think it. “That’s it, I’m done with running. I don’t know why I do this” Then I talk myself down. “Ok, maybe I’m done with 100’s, there's nothing wrong with a good ‘ol 100k.” Then, I keep talking, “Ok, maybe I’ll keep 100’s but no more trail 100’s.”. Then I take a deep breath, “Girl, why are you doing this?”, and I put one foot in f…