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Good Year or Good Riddance

That’s it!  I’m done.  I’ve run all I’m going to run in 2013.  2,746 miles.  Reflecting back, there was a lot to run through—much good, my fair share of challenges, and some things that took my breath away.  
The good is easy to recall.My children grew and prospered.  I learned to love my job again. I completed three 100-mile races.I traveled.I laughed HARD and often.I opened doors that I thought were shut.I learned from mistakes.I deepened friendships to levels that I never thought possible.I felt love and gave it in return.I grew.
The challenges, while not as many, were deep.I lost loved ones, both suddenly and slowly.My son needed surgery.My daughter got a diagnosis.I went through a July, which I would just like to simply erase from my life calendar. I missed a finish line that I whole-heartedly wanted to cross.And, I have been battling two (most likely) related health issues that have had negative repercussions on several parts of me, including my mood.
Lately, I’ve let my struggles,…

An Aptly Named Race

So Roger sent me a text.  He’s registered for a race, but has a family obligation.  Do I want to take his spot?  
Oh yeah, I do.I’ve been itching to get to a starting line.It’s been a rough month for me, and I really wanted to run through it.
I laughed when I found out the name.Oh well, it cant be that bad.
I got up around 6 am to head out to Rochester.When I let the dogs out, I realized that it snowed pretty hard last night, and the roads were not cleared yet.I decide to get going sooner rather than later.
The roads were brutal.It took me an extra stressful hour to get to the race site.THEN, I couldn’t find the start.Seriously, I was in the park and could not find the start.Uh oh, I giggled as I thought of the name of the race.
The website clearly stated that you had to check in by 9:45 in order to start the 10 am race.I peeled into the parking lot at 9:43 (insert name of race here).I booked it from the car, wearing nothing but what I normally wear under my race clothes.I was shivering wh…