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Running Away and Learning Along the Way

The blog is back.Thank you Brooks!
I’m taking a different approach with this blog.I’m writing it the night before the race.Tomorrow, I’ll wake up and be at the starting line for the Beast 100.I have no idea if I will make it to the finish line, but deciding the start is a victory for me.
My head just hasn’t been in the game.I’ve been running (lots), but not following my training plan. I'm too skinny.I have a pretty yucky foot rash caused by an allergic reaction.Anything can happen tomorrow.
But, my victory is getting to the starting line.
This past week, I ran away from home (in a manor of speaking).I packed my tent, my running shoes, a few necessities, and me and I headed out.I went off the grid.Noah was busy with his job, the fire department, his girlfriend and his friends.He recently was certified to drive emergency vehicles for the FD, and has been quite busy.Natalie was at sleep-away horse camp.She told me she had a narcoleptic horse, who would fall asleep walking and trot i…