I'm tired...

I’m not only physically, but I’m emotionally tired.  My husband often tells me that I don’t stop moving.  “just sit down”, “enough”,  “dial it back”, “stop”.  But, I don’t.  I’m lost without my to-do lists, my calendars, and my training log.  I have two insanely busy kids, and I’ve been racing my butt off.  I’m tired.  Very, very tired.

On the way to the Segahunda marathon (okay, the sticker says 26.3, so I guess it’s an ultra) I decided that I just didn’t want to run.  Not that I didn’t want to run Segahunda, I just plain didn’t want to run.

For me, it’s a very clear sign that I’m over-training.

What got me to the starting line was that I was meeting a bunch of people from work.  These are people that I not only see everyday, but who have truly crossed over the line from co-workers to friends.  Most were doing the relay, so a half-marathon for each of them.  For several, it was their first trail race. 

I ran into friends Lisa and Gary before the race.  Gary was running, and Lisa was crewing.  I was so jealous of her.  How great I thought, to be the support person for someone you care about.  But, oh, the lure of a muddy technical trail…

 I decided to suck it up.

During the race, I realized that when I put together my training schedule, I made it rigorous this spring intentionally.  I had very specific training goals for each race, and somehow I was able to hit each one.  

I also know that I am not racing again until August.

So, I’m taking a break.

I wont be running much for the next few weeks.   You may find me in my kayak, on my tri-bike, with my yoga mat, playing with P-90x or maybe even just sitting around.  I don’t do this much, but I have to listen to my body when it’s telling me to stop.  It is time to rest and to recover.  I’m even going to intentionally try to pack on a few pounds (Natalie—keep baking).

Soon enough, I’ll be back out there, logging miles at 4-am. -finding beauty, humor, and serenity in the world.  But, for right now, I’m going to rest through it.


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