Lu's Log

This race report is dictated by Natalie (we call her Lu---long story, don't ask)

Today, I did my fourth 5k.  Well, that's not really right, 'cause I did 4 other 5k's in training, so all together, I've done 8 5k's.  One of them was in the rain.  I did NOT like the rain.

I ran with my mom.  It was fun.  She would say things like "you are dad, I am pizza, what are you going to do?" Then, I would chase her.

This was my best 5k ever, because I never whined.  I beat my record by 15 minutes.

Near the end, mom said, "the faster we run, the sooner we'll get to Splash Lagoon!".  So I ran super fast the rest of the way.

I left my medal at home, but that's okay, because I LOVE the water park, and I get to stay in a hotel.  I LOVE to stay in hotels.

In conclusion, running is fun and I want to be a marathon runner like my mom.

And, my brother is annoying.


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