Taper Troubles

            I don’t know how to taper before a race.  Correct that, I don’t like to taper before a race.  Tapering is when you have to admit that you’ve trained all you can, and you must get ready for the starting line.  For me that means, running less, eating more, and sleeping sporadically.  For my family, it means I become a miserable old sock.
            I’ve said it before running helps keep me sane.  Without it, I sweat the small stuff, and not even my hidden stash of Hostess Cupcakes can bring me out of my funk.
            I come from a long line of people who like to keep moving.  My mom’s motto is “don’t sit before noon”.   My dad was a putterer.  Rick builds things, Mark has a very physical job, Danielle, well, go ahead and try to get her to stay in one place, I dare you.  Even Jeannie-If she was ever in one place for too long, you can bet it wasn’t her choice.
            But here I am tapering.  This morning I heard my nine-year old mumble under her breath “mom NEEDS a run” as we were bickering/shopping for winter boots.  When I asked my even- tempered 15 year to take out the garbage, he listened to my tone and then looked at my perfectly dry running shoes by the door.  Okay, I get it.
            Finally this morning, my family got sick of me and sent me out the door for a nice long run.  I think angels sang!  It was wonderful.  My legs were rested and my pace was steady and strong.  I used the time to mentally think about my upcoming challenge.  Maybe, just maybe, I can get through this time and be ready to race next week.  I realized that by physically sweating, I could stop mentally sweating the small stuff.
            Now if I can just remember where I hid the cupcakes.


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