Canal Corridor 100: For a Boy and His Dog

Her AKC name is Moxie Mae.
Noah calls her:
Baby Bear

And, a rotation of other equally ridiculous names.   

He’s the reason we have her.  It was truly love at first sight.  We were perfectly happy with our mean-spirited, antisocial greyhound mix, but that pup wasn’t enough.  Long story short, at Noah’s prompting, we had two dogs. Time passed and our grumpy dog did, too.

Mox, from day 1, was the alpha dog, and that includes with my child.  This furball has him wrapped. He will text me from college requesting a spontanous picture of her becacuse he misses her so much.  Notice, I didn’t say he asked after his mother, he only wants the dog. Nearly everytime I open facebook, I see that he has tagged me in yet another adorable golden retriever video, because he has the delusional thought that we will get another.  Not happening. He knows it. Being wrong does not slow him down in the least.

What does this have to do with running 100 miles?  Absolutely NOTHING.

But, my Boy asked me to write about the fur-covered love of his life.  How could I say “No”? It matters not to him that Mox has zero interest in running with me.   I’ve tried. She starts out strong, and after that block, she lags behind and looks for someone to play with.  

She is great on trails, not because of running, but because of her eternal quest to find water.  I’ve lost her if she finds a body of water. She will make eye contact, wait for the nod, and I just wait to hear the splash.  She’s gone. I had better plan on running around whatever pond she has found, because I won't be leaving that area any time soon.

So, Noah, this blog is for you, and your underwear eating, sock stealing, epic “I’m so happy to see you again” reunion, loud snoring, mega happy, Moxie.

Oh, and because this is a running blog:  I ran 100 miles at Canal Corridor in Akron.  It was fun. Moxie knocked me over to congratulate me when I got home...Noah was with her.


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