Phunt 50k 2021

 It is amazing to me that my last blog entry was Phunt 50k from last year.   Although, I have run multiple ultras this past year, allowing me to surpass my 100th all time ultra-distance, I have not been moved to blog.  

But, then, there is Phunt.   This is a race like no other, even in the virtual world.  You see, I was driving to Phunt on the day my brother passed away.  I've always felt a kindred connection between this race and Rick, and the prevalence of PBR on the swag, only deepens that connection.

Phunt was my litmus.   I came back last year and ran with all my heart.   I ran for me.  I ran for time.  I ran for the adventure.   What I didn't know, was that I was running in-person for the last time.  

For the race this year, which was virtual, I toed the line of my one mile cemetery loop.  This loop and I have become quite close this year.  On Saturday, I ran around that dang thing 31 times.  It took me nearly 7 hours and I used my car as my personal aid station.    

I've gotten used to the drill.  I know how to pace.  I know how to fuel.   What I've yet to figure out is how to keep from getting so dang bored!   You see, Phunt in person is FUN!   The pre-race atmosphere is charged with energy.  I never fail to see a runner or race gear that I've encountered before.  The conversations are jazzed with excitement to just get going.  And, the music is always on-point!

As for the race itself!  I dig the double loop challenge.  The first loop is always filled with high hopes and the second with empty trails when many of the 25k-ers decide that eating warm French fries and/or chili is more amenable than heading back out.  No judgement....I love those fries.

But, this Phunt, like all the other virtual race lacks that vibe.  It's just me, the loop, my own tunes and time.  I know this shall pass, and I'll be back dodging elbows at real life start lines sooner rather than later (PLEASE).  In the meantime, I ran in honor of my brother.   I got to participate in a way that let me not beat down my body.  And, on the way home, I got to stop for my own fries.


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