Lu's Log

My daughter Natalie is my guest blogger.  This is her account of the 5k we ran together today

I just ran my SEVENTH 5k!  Before the race, I got my hair sprayed with neon pink and green and orange.  I got face paint on my cheeks.  It says, “I <3 GOTR”.  That means Girls on the Run.  I didn’t practice with Girls on the Run this year, but my mom and I wanted to do it for ‘Lu Monday’.  Lu Monday is when my mom and I spend time together.  Usually it is on a Monday, but we both made an exception.

During the race, Mom wanted to start near the front.   I wanted to see what I could do without her, so I started near the back.  I didn’t want to get run over and I didn’t want Mom’s help.

For the first mile, I mostly ran, but I eventually got a cramp and started walking.  During the second mile, once I saw the water, I took a sip and walked a little so I wouldn’t get another cramp.  Then I RAN!  Mom met me on the third mile.   She brought me a water bottle.  We giggled. 

Once I heard the crowd coming nearer and nearer, I started to run and gradually increased my pace.   I saw the finish line and I immediately bolted!  When I was done and I got the water bottle that I wanted, I felt like I was going to throw up.  Then once I took a huge gulp and sat under a tree, I felt a lot better.

At the finish line, Mom told me she did a good job, but she has to work a little harder.  When I was done, I was so happy that I proved to my mom that I could run by myself!!


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